Working with Quarter

Hello All, Here in Sweden we work mainly in Months and Weeks, now I have a customer that works in Quarter. How can I find using a function or codeunit that q1 = these dates. q2 = those dates and so on. P.S any tips to watch out for when working in Quarter. Look forward to your input. Regards

Hi Graham If you look at the Analysis by dimension, you will see you are allowed to show your results per day, week, month, year, and quarter. This is done by using the virtual table Date (table 2000000007). When you filter on a period type, this table will give you a date range for each period of this type. Date Table fields: “Period Type” “Period Start” “Period End” “Period No.” “Period Name” You can filter on “Period Type”::Quarter an run a report to see the results.

One thing to watch is that Navision assumes that the fical calendar runs on a calendar year so Q1 = Jan-Mar, Q2 = Apr-Jun, etc. Django

Thank you Django and Dgodbout