Working copy of Dynamics NAV NL 5.0 for evaluation

Hi, I have been tasked with getting hold of a trial copy of Dynamics NAV NL 5.0 for evaluation, complete with some dummy data, something I could install on a test server for my colleagues to take a look at. I manged to get something like this from SAP called SAP ECC6 IDES - is there an equivalent for Dynamics NAV NL 5.0? I have spent some time googling but could not find anything. I hope you can help? many thanks, Nick.

It is fairly simple to get a test installation up and running. Why would you want to do it with an old version of NAV → take a look at NAV 2009 R2?

If you look in the download section you should be able to find what you need.

Thank you Tvis. The reason I have been asked to get this version is because a potential customer has this version and we want to get some understanding of it. Does the the download you mention contain any pre-populated data? Something we can work with straight away? Thanks, Nick.

Hi Tvis, I think you are right. I will download the latest version. Thanks for pointing this out. Nick.

Thanks for pointingb this out