Workflows and date matching


I’m trying to design a workflow where a sales order date field does not match what is in the workflow, it will prompt an approval. The only way I can think of doing this is;


However the date auto converts to a shortdate which then does not match the conditions given.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


I would consider using Power Automate to accomplish this. I recall it is more flexible on what you need to achieve. Here is a link to a video I watch about it. BC Approval Walkthrough - YouTube


Hi Steve,

Good to know with that one thanks!

However, I found that the workflow filters act as a parameter string rather than a filtered view, if that makes sense?

By making the date filter with & symbol instead of the | symbol, it worked perfectly!

<>11/10/21&<>13/10/21&<>18/10/21&<>20/10/21&<>25/10/21&<>27/10/21 and so on…