WorkFlow UserGroup permission

There is problem in user group permission, only with Workflow view, I can’t View drop-down list to select workflow objects. It shows Error Message,
Error executing Code: SysDictMenu object not initialized.
(c) \classes\SysDictMenu\label
(c)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkFlow\initMenuItemType -line 22
(C)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkflow\initworkflowTemplateMenuItems - linew 53
(C)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkflow\initworkflowview - line 219
(C)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkflow\init -line 11
(C)\Classes\SysSecurity\initSecurityTable -line 8.
(C)\Form\SysUserGroupSecurity\Methods\updateprogress - line 59

How to resolve this problems?. help me.
Thanks in advance.