Workflow (Stopped Error) cannot create a record in workflow tracking comment table

The workflow is running fine in VPC (Production server replica & Microsoft Partner VPC) but after deployed at production server i am having the following issue. Please help on this ASAP

On submit, workflow updates document status but after condition step it stops and generate error in workflow history.

Error Exception

Workflow (Stopped Error)

stopped error: cannot create a record in Worlflow Tracking Comment Table (WorkflowTrackingCommentTable). Workflow Tracking Identifier: {7E346845-3D67-41d1-912d-AAABA1437134}, .

The SQL database has issued an error

Image link :


Perhaps this could be a rights issue. Make sure the user mentioned in ‘workflow system account’ and ‘workflow execution account’ have necessary rights. Try changing the accounts (for ex - admin) and see if it works.

Also do you see any entry in AOS or SQL event viewer?