Workflow setup issue


This issue related to workflow set up.

In my company set up, I have 3 sites - site1, site2, site3. Workflow for purchase order is customized from my partner. Now from last 2 months I am facing problem with workflow set up and message queue process problem. In workflow set up I have added 3 steps with 3 different site conditions with 3 different user’s login for approval. In workflow pending, it’s passing through all my condition. If PO with 3rd step’s site then it is going through all 3 steps and again coming back to status = “Workflow started”. Because of this my rest of the workflow process queues are getting delayed.

Anybody is having any solution?


Are you using AX2009? have you added 3 different steps and assignments for each of the sites, or is it customized for 3 different assignments in same step?



I am using AX2009. In AP I have created workflow with 3 steps for 3 sties. Each step has assingned with each and every site. for Ex.

  1. Site = PL, step = PO approval for PL, assigned person = PL HOD. 2) Site = ML, step = PO approval for ML, assigned person = ML HOD 3) Site = TL, step = PO approval for TL, assigned person = TL HOD.