Workflow processor is not working properly

After successful installation of workflow configuration in AX 2009, when I tried to run the workflow processor the work item escalation value is not incrementing. How to resolve this issue?

Does it is showing any error?

No it’s not showing any error, but that escalation value is not getting update, it remains 0 only. And records in queue value is working perfect .

Then it could be a problem with your workflow configuration.check with your configuration.

What is the status of the workflow - see in basic → Inquiries → workflow history.

I configured the workflow for the invoice proposal template , then i create an invoice proposal > submitted it > did approval of invoice proposal and posted it.

After that i refer the workflow history form as you asked me to do and

The status is showing as completed.

I am trying to run an import job in the background. When I run the job, there is a ‘Batch processing’ checkbox. If enable this option and accept the job, it is added to the user batch list with a status of ‘Waiting’, but is never processed.
The following is from the documentation: ‘First of all, a job can not start before an Axapta is started as a batch executer (processing).’ What does this mean? Does the AOS have to be started with certain settings, or does a client have to be started with some or other settings? Can more than one job be run at once (rather than waiting for each job to finish)?