Workflow in AX 2012 R3


I have created Workflow in Ax 2012 R3

Workflow Submiting working fine …but i could’t Approve it

When i refer view history in Action Button …it’s show Worflow Approved

but in my form status field not updated. for that i can’t able to further steps

Can any one help ?

Is there any automatic actions enabled in the workflow configuration template that is making the record approve? check once

No , I’ m new to Ax 2012 R3… i created approval throgh wizard but i do know where i write code for approval becuase approval menu item ponted to system class WorkflowWorkItemActionManager… so pls guide me to solve the issue…


Syed Abuthahir

I am sorry. I think you were referring to development related issue. I thought may be you are facing problem with related to workflow configuration setup and was suggesting to check the possible cause.

Anyways you’ll get the answer very soon from our members. :slight_smile: