Workflow -- How to add new node - start from in Hierarchy workflow

Hi Guys,

Please tell me adding a new node to Start from in Hierarchy workflow for AX 2012.

Thanks in advance.

To start with Ax 2012 workflow, start with creating workflow category and workflow type.


Hi Abhishek Soni**,**

Thanks for your replay, it is not for new module.

I need in workflow configuration -->Assignment —>Hierarchy -----> Hierarchy Selection → Start form.

standard system have workflow originator and workflow worker in this node i need new lookup…like., worker


You have to create a new field in the table that your workflow is working , this field must have relation with Empltable (Employe table), in my case i duplicated the Requisitioner field (on Purchreqtable) and set a new Name and label.

After this you have to create a new Workflow template for the Form that you using, i suggest that you use Workflow Wizard, it work very fine.

I hope that i help you

Sorry for my bad english

Were you able to add your node to the start from? I need to add the worker node to the Travel Expense Workflow and can’t figure out how. If you were able to solve yours. Could you please share how?


sorry for the delay.

You have to create a field in the table of your workflow with the extend data type emplid, when you do that, automatically the new node will appear at the hierarchy option in your workflow.

Hope it works for you