Workflow Escalation

In AX 2009, the escalation functionality in workflow is sequential. I need to escalate to a group of users and it should go to anyone in that group at the same time. Is this possible and how would I achieve this?


you can try use Role based assignment.

In your module : Setup → Workflow configuration choose your workflow and use General tab. Then click Modify button. In Details tab choose your workflow element and step. In step details section choose Assignment tab and there Choose button. In new dialog you can choose Role based or any other assignment.

I hope that it’s helpful .

Hi Charlene.

Because escalation is working on the already assigned individual workitems, workflow would literally need to split the existing workitems in order to assign to a group. So I don’t believe this is actually possible. I’ve played around quite a bit to try and accomplish the same type of thing.

I hope that helps



Hi all,

I am getting workflow stopped error exactly after the due date and time is completed, if the workflow is not approved by due date. Did you ever notice this error before in your implementations? This is happening only when Escalations is setup.

The error message is - The iterator does not designate a valid element.

Need your suggestions in avoiding this error message.