workflow configuration for BOM approval


I am new to AX, transitioning from NAV . I am trying to set a workflow for BOM in AX 2009. Please consider the below scenario

Work flow tree for Bom
First approval
Site 1 → D&D User approval 1) Tom 2) James
Site 2 → D&D User approval 1) George
Site 3 → D&D User approval 1) Monica

Second approval
Site 1 → Purchase User approval 1) Samrath 2) Ram
Site 2 → Purchase User approval 1) George
Site 3 → Purchase User approval 1) Monica
Third approval
Site 1 → Production User approval 1) Louis 2) Duke
Site 2 → Production User approval 1) George
Site 3 → Production User approval 1) Monica
After the all approvals the BOM will get released.

The Site of for the workflow is to be taken from the Item card, wherein the site details are available.

I could not get much of help on workflow configuration in AX 2009. Can someone please guide me on this.

There is no standard work flow for BOM approval, it needs to be customized.


I thought the required workflow could be configured in Inventory Management>>Setup>>Workflow configuration. If its possible, can someone help me in configuring the workflow?

There is no standard workflow that matches your requirement.