Workflow Conditions - Where are they stored?

I’m having trouble finding the conditions for a workflow in a table form. Does anyone know where these are stored?

The purpose is to either rapid start changes to the conditions or to have a report on the differences between our many workflows.

There are two types of workflow steps, and respective types of conditions assigned to them.

  1. On record changes - these are workflow steps where you can set up a response on value increase/decrease. Conditions are stored in the table 1524 “Workflow Rule”.

  2. Other steps (business events) - conditions are in the table 1523 “Workflow Step Argument”. BLOB field “Event Conditions” stores a text line with all filters applied to event table and its related tables. “Event table” here is the value of the field “Table ID” of the “Workflow Event”. Related tables are identified by the setup in table 1515 “Dynamic Request Page Entity”.

Thanks, I skipped right over the BLOB field because it was blank in dev environment view.