Workflow approvals and update the table


i have 3 users to approve a budget that meets certain criteria, but the table is updated with the values when the last person approves, i want to update the table when the first user approves, do i use code for the condition or can it be setup in the front end, any clarity and how can i achieve that.

Not sure what does that mean?

Please elaborate.

when I create a Stores Requisition with any amount lets say(50000),it goes to the first approver(workflow) who always approve, if its greater than 50000 it should go to the second approver this step always fails cause the Table is not updated with the value (50000) its always zero

Is that same store requisition table? If so then why it has to be updated as you created it with 50000?

There is a field called ApprovalAmount on the table which has to be updated,when the requisition is approved

So this field needs to be updated when the first user approves it and you have the second approval based on this field, right?

Is this approval amount going to be changed or remains same as the amount you entered?

If it is not going to be changed, what is the use of this field? why cannot you just use three approval steps based on the amount you entered?

The field will remain the same , the purpose of this field is to store the approved amount.