workers not changing as we change the company


Dat > Human Resources > Common > Workers > Workers – showing me all the workers of the system not just restricted to that department

Suppose Now I change the comapany name to USMF or any other name

anycompanyname> Human Resources > Common > Workers > Workers – still showing me all the workers of the system not just those worker belonging to this company

why it is doing this???

How to display the list of only those worker to belong to that company (or department for that matter)

Please advice

Thanks all in advance

Hi Shankar,

In Ax 2012 the worker form will show all company records. if you want to show the worker based on the company, you have to do customization…



HI shanker,

you can do this through writing code in execute query of the concern datasource.

For ex:

public void executeQuery()


QueryBuildDataSource Worker_qbds = this.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(WorkerTable));


Worker_qbds.clearRange(fieldNum(WorkerTable, dataareaid));

Worker_qbds.addrange(WorkerTable, dataareaid).Value(strfmt(’%1’,Curext());



It’s because the same worker can be employed in several legal entities. If you maintained workers per company, you would have to create and synchronize several records for the same physical worker.

I will try this and let you know the outcome




So is there a need of doing the customization as suggested by Abbas and K Manish

Please let me know about it, so that I can try accordingly.

Thanks everyone for your respective replies.

Really appreciate it !!!