Can anybody know how to set the workdate as today once I get into the system. It always goes to C12/31/01 when I login. I tried to change in codeunit 1: Application Management but it won’t work Application Consultant MJM Networks Pte Ltd (NSC)

Is this Cronus?

Hi ttssiong! If it is Cronus, the problem should be solved by renaming the companyname, or to deactivate the code in Codeunit No. 1, function LoginStart(), starting at IF STRPOS(COMPANYNAME,‘CRONUS’) = 1 THEN … Regards, Joerg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

In Codeunit 1 there’s a function called CompanyOpen() Before the line EXIT(MainMenuID); add this line : WORKDATE := TODAY; It works like a charm.