Work Flow for Purchase Requistion is not working in AX 2009


Can someone help me, my Work Flow is not moving to next levels after submission of purchase requisition.

I did no. of steps

1 ) Installed work flow through AX CD (Automatically share point and web server was installed)

  1. Did setup in AX Administration like Service Accounts for Workflow, and workflow infrastructure configuration wizard

  2. Did setup in Basic module and verified the website

  3. Did setup for users and defined role. User 1 can raise the Purchase requisition, User 2 (Admin) can approve the Purchase requistion

  4. Activated workflow in AP Module and defined the setup

  5. Opened AX with User 1 Login and raised purchase rq. when I saved it Submit button appear and I submit it.

  6. Opened AX with User 2 (Admin) went to Purchase rq. and try to find same requistion so that I User 2 can approve it.

Here the problem comes I never get the purchase requisition for approval.

Please Help what I missed.

Thanks & Regards


Hi Rajesh,

You need to setup and configure batch for processing workflow.

If you have done this, you can try running ‘Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor’

Best wishes,

In the administration run the Workflow Infrastructure Configuration Wizard and attach the Batch Group.

Hi Kranti

Thanks for the reply.

In workflow infrastructure configuration Wizard I am not able to select any Batch group. Can you help me how to configure batch group for workflow?

Hi Rajesh,

  1. Create a Batch Group in Administration and add the batch server.

  2. Go to Basic - Inquiries - you will see that there will batch job running - Workflow Message processing & Workflow Due date expirations.

  3. delete those two batch jobs

  4. Now run the workflow infrastructure configuration Wizard and select the Batch Group.

Hi Rajesh,

As I mentioned earlier, it looks you have not configured batch server. Here is some info on how to configure -

Once configured you then need to attach the server using workflow wizard. More info on workflow set up here -

The tutorial form I mentioned is meant for quick and dirty way of testing workflow. It is also used for demo purposes.

Best wishes,