Work flow for purchase lines above 100K need to be approved by dax 2009

Can some one pls give me an idea how to setup the work flow for purchase lines above 100K that needs to be approved by manager… this is in dax 2009

Thank you in advance.


Read Chapter 11 Workflow from Microsoft Dynamics Ax Development IV

Sorry, the workflow which you want to configure is it for purchase order or purchase requisition? If it is for purchase order, as far as I know standard DAX 2009 does not support that. If it is for purchase requisition, here are the steps :

  1. Go to accounts payable → setup → workflow configurations

  2. Click New → purchase requisition approval → create configuration

  3. There will be a pop up form shown.

  4. In the tab general, fill in create instruction

  5. If you have workflow configuration for purchase requisition more than one, than you may need to fill set condition for use

  6. Owner workflow must be associated with employee

  7. Go to tab Details. Here in this tab you can configure to whom purchase requisition need approval and in what case.

  8. Break down PurchReqApproval and go to Step1

  9. Fill in work item subjects and instructions

  10. On the lower tab, go to tab Condition. Here you can configure your workflow settings. If you need approval above 100k then you must choose “run this step only …”

  11. Click add condition and set purchase requisition approval amount > 100k. Fill 100k in the “enter value” field.

  12. Go to tab assignment. Choose “assign to” to user group manager as what you expect.

  13. Done

Actually maybe you’ll need more setting some configurations more. But only this far I can help for your information only goes this far for now.