Work Flow for Navision 3.60

Has anyone knowledge of a Work Flow system that is integrated with Navision 3.60? What we basically need is a purchase invoice approval system, where we are scanning all incoming invoices into the work flow engine and mailing it to the users who are to approve the invoice. Then it must go directly into Navision and be stored with the posted purchase invoice as a reference. I know Matriks A/S has the parts that makes it possible, but they have not build any document/workflow management into it.

Hi Erik, EFS has a solution you might consider. LaserNet Archive/Scanning has a workflow system. Our Archive solution is a centrally controlled archive system and is accessed via a Web Browser. Globally defined indexes create searchable collections of documents and the structured storage system ensures simplified and efficient document access for as long as you need it. You can integrate our solution with Navision in several ways. The typical situation is that you within the debtor kart. add a logo or field “Archive”. and when you press this, you will access all document for this customer (invoices, scanned documents) We have off course a demo you can look at. (password and username is LaserNet). If you are interested i could mail som more information about the solution?

Hi Eric Are the persons approving invoices users in Navision? If so it’s possible to bulid the workflow inside Navision. We have a solution for that. Also interesting to hear the number of invoices per year. /Lars