Work flow authorization problem

Hi Masters,

I am working on crouns databse of Indian localization sp1.
I am trying to assign workflow authorization. I donw some setups like below.
I created two users one with Super and MGR.
I assigned work flow authorization for MGR like below.
NAVIGATION: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT􀃆WORKFLOW􀃆SETUP􀃆USER SETUP • Click the User-id field and select the user-id MGR you created above. Give an email id in the e-mail field.
WORKFLOWSETUP - WORKFLOW TEMPLATE Selected the following entries in workflow template header:
Transaction Type: Purchase ,Document Type: order
Select the following workflow template lines:
Activity: Authorization
Task/Authorization Level: Enter 1 here.
Min. Value: Enter 1000 here.
Max. Value: Enter 100000 here.
User ID: Select MGR here from the look up
Response Time in Minutes: Enter 30 in this field and close this

Now I created a purchase order with super user id. Now I send to authorization , then the system is asking “Do u want to send for authorization.” I click Yes.
Now I opened with MGR user id . But I am not getting any message.
What is the problem . How to solve this issue. Brick wallBrick wallBrick wall

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Hi Experts,

I set up like this in workflow template .

Level Min.Value Max.Value UserID
1 0 1,000 SUPER
2 1,001 15,000 MGR

Now I created a purchase order , line amount is 4000 with The user Id Super.
Now I opened with MGR , I could not get that message.

Even I checked User tasks form ,In that form transaction was entered.
That field Message sent has a check mark
That field Message displayed does not have a check mark.

What is problem. I am waiting for u r valuable suggestion

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Please throw some advice to solve this problem…

thanks and regards