Work Flow 2012

Dear All,

We have different stages in work flow like Draft, InReview, Rejected, Confirmed, Approved, Finalised.

I can view all the stages except Finalised. When will this stage get active. I can not see this stage at all.


Hai Kranthi,

thanks for ur reply. I read the blog. But Generally when i invoice the Purchase order i am not getting this ‘Finilized’ stage.

I have configured Work flow, i can see all the stages while processing like Draft, inreview, Approved, Confirmed. But the “Finalized” stage.

Is there any set up for this.


After invoicing i can see the status as ‘Confirmed’. I want to see ‘Finalised’. How to do this.

Purchase orders → Purchase Tab → Click Finalize

Procurement and Sourcing → Periodic → Purchase Orders → Finalize Purchase Order (for finalizing multiple purchase orders)

thanks Kranthi.