Work date

One of our customers running Version 2.0 has requested that they would like to remove the right to users (or groups of users) to change the work date. This, obviously, is not part of the System objects. Has anyone been able to do this?

Not possible using security settings. It would have to be done by code on every form, codeunit, etc. Also, not being able to change the workdate would lock the workdate at whatever it was when the user started the client. If they left the client running overnight, on the following morning, the workdate would be yesterday. What is the real problem? -jp

  • And if the user REALY want to change the workdate, they can just change the date of the local pc, and restart Navision. Kind Regards – Henrik Helgesen, Navision Solution Developer

They are concerned about users accidentally doing it rather than maliciously. For your information Henrik, they are an extremely ‘secure site’ and Date/Time changing on the PC is not permitted (NT Workstation).

Try to use Allow posting from/Allow posting to in User setup