Work center problem


When I am creating Route Version via job in which header contain route version and line contain prodRoute Table.

My problem is that when i creating route version via job its will craete header and lines but line containg workcenter is

always showing empty.I wana know to solve this problem .If any one have any solution for this problem then reply me

and give me the right solution.

Thanks in Advance

Arun Garg

If you keep asking the same question in a different format every day do you think this will help?

The work center is specific to the site, in standard AX the work centre is copied in the stadnard function ONLY if the site is the same, if it is different how can it copy a work centre when it is a resource in a different site - it would make no sense. If you want to write this in code you will need to create a default work centre for every requirement by site and call this at the creation of a new route. You also need to consider the RouteOpr table.