work-around for negative TO

Hello to all,

the scenario is the following:

NAV 5.0


Each location has the stocklevel of our Store (mostly based on bad PhyInventory count among the year)

In our business happen many time to transfer goods between location.

Create TO:

Store(A);Item(1000);Inventory(0); QtyToShip(2) —> Store(B);Item(1000);Inventory(0)

NAV is not designed to SHIP goods if it’s not available in inventory.

As a workaroung I’m doing this:

Create “itemJournal” PositiveAdj:



Qty = TO(quantity to ship)


SHIP the goods

POST the reverse transaction in “ItemJournal”.

And I will have:



Does somebody has a smarter solution to avoid these many steps?

Do you see any potential risks using this approach ?

Thank you in advance

Concentrate on the process first - why is stock negative and why are they trying to ship something they have not got. Your approach is actually masking a bigger issue.

I totally agree with you, and I’ve underlined many time to the top managers.

But take a business decision and admit partial of the their faults it’s more difficult than force the infrastructure of the ERP.