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I am interested in a way to incorporate a text editer to a form in Navision. Users are frustrated with adding comments a line at a time in Navision, and having to copy them out of the Table, Paste and then reformat them in a Word Document. Does anyon

You’re so right. Almost everyone I have talked to, especially in the US, hates the way Navision handles comments. I would say that the only right solution would that Navision implements a Memo type field, the you have it in i.e. Microsoft Access. I know that we today have the BLOB fields but you can not AFAIK print or edit these text fields directly. Another way that you could do is with a VB ActiveX/Automation that popped up a window where you could edit the text. And when it was edited the text could be imported back into Navision. ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Not only in the Us do the they HATE it. We are in Uk and believe me we want a memo field like yesterday !! Does the new sql server version not make use of the sql memo field ? Bruce

This link http://www.naviconsult.com/Flie_text.PDF directs you to a german company which has some kind of add-on which should do the trick. The description in the PDF indicates that the program has some kind of multi language functionality. Havn’t tried it though. B.R

When I tried the link “http://www.naviconsult.com/Flie_text.PDF” or “http://www.naviconsult.com/” I got the message “URL not Found”. If you have any other information or way to find out about the add-on I would appreciate it. I didn’t want to write our own if someone else has already done it. Will Giles Database Manager Quartzdyne, Inc.

http://www.naviconsult.com worked fine from here… ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Try to enter via http://www.naviconsult.com/addons.html Press the Button ‘Beschreibung’ of the topic NavEdit - This should take you to ‘http://www.naviconsult.com/Flie_text.PDF’ without getting an error-message! For more detailed help you could send an e-mail to graz@naviconsult.com

Thanks for the information. I have contacted Naviconsult by e-mail and have a dialog started. Unfortunately I don’t know German and their English isn’t the best but it is a start. Will Giles Database Manager Quartzdyne, Inc.

I use Windows Notepad to allow the user to enter comments and then read the file into Navision and store the comments in a Navision table. The function that reads the file into Navision takes care of word wrapping. It’s not a perfect solution (like a BLOB memo could be) but it gets the job doe.

Thanks again for the information about ActiveEditor from Naviconsult. I have a copy of ActiveEditor.OCX now and have implemented it using a codeunit that we developed to allow us to word wrap comment lines when printing reports out of Navision. I added some functions to this codeunit to allow it to interact with the ActiveEditor OCX. It is not everything we wanted but it is alot better than just dealing with comment tables as is. Naviconsult said that they paid 600 DEM 3 year ago, but the company which programmed this OCX said to them that now it would be public domain so they give it to us. (A compiled OCX and a License File) They said they were unable to locate the source code. It sounds like Jack Renyolds use of Notepad is similar. I think you would have to have automation rights in your Navision license file to implement ActiveEditor. If anyone is interested in more information or trying to implement ActiveEditor, I would be glad to send you a copy of our codeunit and the OCX and license file to you via e-mail. We have not fully implemented it to work with all comment tables, but enough to give you the idea of how to do it. I would post it on this Web page but I have not figured out if the is a place or way to do that. Will Giles Database Manager Quartzdyne, Inc.

Hello Folks, I have the same Problem, and i will write a Navpad that can run tru Automation, its only an Dll Data (written in VB) and you must not register it or use OCX or ODBC !!! ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert schubert@dolphinct.de

Will - a text editor link would be great - Could you send me a copy of the ocx and other bits? Thanks Simon.Williams@ibex-cavendish.co.uk

We have tried the naviconsult text editor. Our main problem was, that there is no way to store format properties. All properties relate to a complete line.

Alexander - I am not sure if this would help or not, but in our implementation of ActiveEditor we use a codeunit as an interface between the table data and ActiveEditor. We are able to retain the data in the “Date” and “Code” fields. We can also place data in the code or date field associated with the comment data on that line from ActiveEditor. If you could use a “code” field associated with that line to store your format information and base your format information on the data in that code field it may be possible to do what you want. I am not sure if I understand your problem correctly. Will Giles Database Manager Quartzdyne, Inc.

The ActiveEditor.ocx is now available in the download-section of http://www.mynavision.net. Edited by - webmaster myNavision.net on 5/24/00 9:03:48 AM

ActiveEdit sound cool… but without either a developer to stand behind an OCX (and get paid for that service) or the source code, it seems a little dangerous to install on a customer site. Jim Hollcraft aka Skater drilldot.com Unauthorized Navision News

Unfortunately this uploaded vertion have no multilanguage functionality that was mentioned earlier

Hi I’m also a little bit concerned about using the OCX on a customer site, due to the fact that nobody actually supports the futher development and support of the OCX. The best solution was to change the status from Public domain to the Open Source(just like the majority of applications running on Linux), which means to make the source code available for anyone. Regards Andreas

I guess someone will just have to rewrite ActiveEdit and either sell it or open source it… Any volunteers? Jim Hollcraft aka Skater drilldot.com Unauthorized Navision News

There is an easy although not so cheap solution- There is a Navison “blessed” add-on called matriks doc. It allows complete integration of both word and excel into financials. (NOT SQL though!) A couple of limitations but it will easily handle this issue more than 100%. Check out www.matriks.com for details etc.