Word Error

After I have used MS Word to create an Interaction through Navision it seems to cause MS Word to go a little crazy and crap out every now and again. I can create the Interaction w/o any trouble but then if I try to use Word for an email or another document after the interaction it sometimes causes it to error and shut down. I can only correct the situation by rebooting my workstation. Has anyone else had any comflicts w/ MS Word?

Just to clarify, what verion of Office (Word) are you using?

Navision 3.70 and MS Office 2000.

I don’t have the answer to your question, but I did have similar problems on a machine where Office was installed after Navision. Can you replicate the problem on any client? Or is it just on the one? -john

I had it crap out on another machine once…that could have been a glitch though. How did you fix it?

I removed Office and Navision, then installed Office, then installed Navision. Hope it helps… -john

eekk… okay, thanks…I think. [:D]