WMS receipt with Item tracking and multiple UoM

Hi All, I’ve got a problem when I want to receive an item with item tracking and multiple UoM via warehouse management. Case I’m using MBS Navision version W1 3.70 (RTL1) Item: • Item tracking Code = Lotall (including Lot Warehouse Tracking) • Base UoM = Piece • Purchase UoM = Box (Qty per UoM = 10) Purchase Order: • I’ve entered an order for 10 Boxes • Created a warehouse receipt • Entered the Item tracking Lines correctly Now, when I post the following message appears; “Qty per Unit of Measure must be 1 in Warehouse receipt Line No = ……, Line No. = ……” When I want to receive an order for 100 pieces instead of 10 boxes then there is no problem. When I try to receive an item with multiple UoM but without item tracking then these also no problem. Why isn’t it possible to receive an Item with Item Tracking and multiple UoM via warehouse management? Can somebody help me? Greeting, Tobias

This question has also been posted on the Microsoft Service System for Navision under call no. NL-594-969-RF2B. Until now, there is no solution on this call so if anyone might help… [:(]

Even I had the same problem and they told me( The Indian NTR ) that the problem will be solved in version 3.70( Which is not yet released in India). But it is still there and probably a solution to that can only be through a change in the functionality. Whatever problem reported by Tobias is exactly the same which I faced and I hv also posted a question on this in the MAnufacturing Forum. Regards, DD

The response read:


At the moment, you can only use Base Unit Of Measure with item tracking items in the warehouse. There is no workaround available for now, but the scope for the release after 3.70 includes enabling other units of measure with lot tracking in the warehouse

Any volunteers with a beta 4.0 version willing to try this? [:D]