WMS module confusion

I have a question about the license needed for some warehousetasks. When I have a customer who, besides the purchaseorder also wants a seperate procedure for receiving an order, he buys granule 4180, which is within the inventory module. He then can book a put away, which completes the receiving of an order. When the functionality is wanted to receive multiple orders, and create an extra receiving document, a warehousemanagement receipt can be used. However, if you want to create a put-away from this warehousemanagement receipt, I end up in another put away then the inventory put-away I saw from the inventory submodule. Thus, if a customer has already bought put-aways, and wants to start using receipts, he has to change has way of work? Is it even possible, when having bought the granules 4180 and 4190 to combine these and create a logical flow? Besides, I understand from this that the “warehousemanagement receipt” us not a module that is for sale. WHen do I have acces to this module? With WMS added? Last question: the description of the WMS module is as following in Dutch: Een geavanceerde module, die u de mogelijkheid geeft om artikelen op opslaglocatie niveau te beheren. U kunt artikelen ontvangen en opslaan in opslaglocaties en ook orderverzamelen/ picken uit opslaglocaties. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om artikelen te verplaatsen tussen opslaglocaties. Handmatig of gebaseerd op verplaatsing adviezen voor het optimaliseren van magazijnruimte en het pick proces. Het picken en opslaan kan uitgevoerd worden voor verkoop orders, inkoop orders, transfers (tussen vestigingen), retour orders en productie orders. Service orders worden niet ondersteund. Vereisten: Basis Voorraad (4.010) (check your local price list explantion) The requirements for this module is only basic inventory. Does this mean that if I sell this WMS module to my customer he also has the possibility to create receipts and putaway, and picks and movements? Or do I need for example to add 4190 or 4210 for this? Are these for free then? It seems to us that there are two seperate put-away submodules, and it is to us not clear when they are used. We asked MBS the same thing a couple of days ago, but there is no answer yet.

Hi Peter, I assume that you are using Navision 3.70?

You’re right Sven, always looking for new opportunities, as you know… Long time no see, when are you in the neighbourhood?