WMS and posting

Hi guys, When my client is posting Whse. Shipments they get sometimes the error “Warehouse Entry No. = NNN already exists”. This is annoying in itself but the problem is that most of the times I also end up with incompletely updated data. Biggest headache is when it ships the order so the sales line qty. shipped is updated but not qty. shipped on Whse. Shipment Line is so it tries to post it again next time you try [}:)] Normally when that happened I would go to the warehouse shipment line and update quantities manually. But it was happening so often I ended up writing a routine that is ran every time you try to ship a warehouse shipment. Does anyone else get this and/or maybe knows how to fix it? Thanks, Cristi Nicola

Are you using 3.60? /Sven

If you are using 360 combined with transfer orders, lot tracking and WMS, I would consider upgrading.

Hi Christian, The error you are referring to is caused by the fact that two processes are adding general ledger entry’s in the table. This is flaw in 3.60 because of a early commit in CU 80. The order that is related to the activity is already booked although the WMS part gave an error. In 3.70 this is fixed. What you must do in the mean time, is that you have to post the lines in a WMS journal. For on of our clients, we have made an automation for that. Seriously consider a upgrade t0 3.70, because this is not the only error on the WMS module. Good luck. /Sven

Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. First I want to apologize for the rookie mistake of not specifying the version I work with which is 3.60 [:I] I guess I was too frustrated to think straight. I do not actually use lot tracking thankfully because I know there are a lot of issues with that and WMS As for upgrading, I know it is recommended but we just went live and I am still fighting to stabilise the system as it is … And me in the process [;)] So that is not a good option for now even though I would like to do that … I looked in the “What is new in 3.70” and did not see a mention of this problem being fixed so can anyone point me to where I could find how to fix just this issue? I know I sound like a rookie or an end-user (I am neither [:)]) again … Thanks, Cristi Nicola

Hi Cristi On the support site there are, as as previously noted, several reported errors in the WMS area, with serial numbers, transfer orders, etc. I did not find one with your exact message but a few maybe applicable - I suggest you statr there (as you are an NSC employee) as many of them have coding poasted into the log as a 3.60 temporary fix (which of course is fully fixed in 3.70 [:D]). If none of these help - I would suggest logging your particular case and getting a fix sepcific for your circumstances.

Hi, In 3.70 there is some code added to CU 80 that will ensure a commit rollback, and avoid your problem. The code is on the OnRun Trigger: IF WhseReference = 0 THEN COMMIT;