WMS and Inventory Adjustments

Hi everyone, I had run recently into the “simple” question of how to you do opening stock for a client that is using WMS from 3.60. Originally I had a routine that was posting Whse. Item Journals with the right information and all seemed oh so fine [8D] But then I realized that Item On Hand was still zero and while I had Bin Contents for everything there were no Item Ledger Entries created [B)] After a lot of hair pulling, cursing and searching through this forum I arrived to the painfull conclusion that you must do both things [:0]: post positive adjustements in Item Journal (which creates whse. entries for Adjust bin) and then also post Whse Item Journals (which automatically take it out of Adjust and put in the specified bin). Being a programmer and a “Navisioner” I kind of understand why they did it that way … But my first question still is: “Is that really how they meant it to be done?” [?] Two, assuming that there is no other way, that means that if you do an adjustment to one side you need to do the same thing in the other side too. Which seems to leave way for a lot of mistakes. So my question is: is there a way to have that done automatically or at least a report that tells you what you forgot to do on the other side ??? And three and most importantly am I completely on a wrong track and making an ass of myself??? [:I] Please be gentle, Cristi Nicola

Hi, Take a look on request no. BE-280-637-9BMP and request no. BE-167-647-LDG6 on the Partnerguide.

Hi Aloysius Aloi, I searched for the request on partnersource could not find anything there (also remember I am in US and might not see the same info as you). Can you give me a highlight of the requests? Regards, Cristi Nicola

Hi, The Request no.: BE-280-637-9BMP I found it using search on Public Request and the request no. : BE-167-647-LDG6 I found it using search on service system archive and here I give you the text: BE-167-647-LDG6


Question : How can I create initial stock for an item ? I have a flat file I will import using a dataport. While importing, I suppose I have to create journal lines. Could you please tell which journal I have to use, considering I use serial numbers, and the stock has to be put in a specified zone and bin (only 1 location). I already tried the Whse. Item journal and the Whse. Phys. Inv. journal : cannot use these, it takes stock from the adjusment zone and puts it in my zone → stock remains 0. I tried the Item Journal and the Phys. Inventory Journal, but there I cannot enter a bin-code (use zones and bins must be no for the location, impossible for our application !). Answer : 04/10/2002: Knowing that this issue is something very important and urgent to you, this isn’t a severity 1 request. I’ve changed severity to 2. Please use the correct severity value. Please follow these steps: 1. create the Whse Item journal oe Wshe Phys Invt Journal with the correct zones, bins, qty,… The adjustment is used to “log” the corrections you made 2. Via Inventory - Item Journal - Function : Calculate Whse Adjustment : You post the modification of the inventory This is the new standard behaviour of the Warehouse Management system -

Request no.: BE-280-637-9BMP it’s to complex for me to copied here so I suggest you do a search on the partnerguide. For your information this request it’s about importing stock in navision using warehouse management and using item tracking (serial number). Hope this will help you.

Hi Aloysius, You have just answered my question. Luckily I do not use lot tracking so I am not too worried about it for now. Thanks, Cristi Nicola