Withholding Tax dedcution not working in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1

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We are using Microsoft Dynamics NAv 5.0SP1 .We have a vendor invoice which have two lines as details and each having different type of Withholding Tax ( that means , Line1 has WHT 4.5% and Line2 has WHT 15%).

Though WHT is calculated correctly during Invoice posting as we have two different lines in WHT entry.But now we want to make payment to vendor , system is not able to post the enrty as it gives the following error message

---- Error Message—

The transaction can not be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L Entry Table.

Please help.

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In 99% cases this message is caused by iliterate modifying of code, so it is not a Navision issue, and seemingly has nothing to do with WHT calculations, but just happened to appear in an PI where different WHT were used. It acts as last frontier, not allowing to post an unbalanced transaction.

Report this to your Partner, who did the modifications, and let them seek what they have messed up.

Thank you very much Modris.Well , to our surprise it is in Standard navision , no customization.and only happening in Thai NAV 5.0 Sp1 database . We have and found that there is problem with APAC localization.

Btw , for workaround , i compare with with NAV 4Sp3 objects with which it is working, and manage to make it work.

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Well, localisation is a customisation, too, usually done by MS approved localisation Partner [;)]

That eliminates bugs (issues…), but does not exclude them at all, as every programming job. If you know the Partner, who did localisation, report it his to them. Your workaround will do, but it might be difficcult with v4 - IMHO it’ll be easier to ccompare 5SP1 W1 with the localised one, otherwise there will be too many differences to look up.

Problem is, that msg you quoted appears at the very end before posting, when Navision encounters that postings prepared are out of balance, but the actual buggy code creating them might be well before this checking…