WIP / Cost & Qty

Deos anyone know where is WIP by qty on item or WIP Cost, and when the production stop or change a SHIFT,how to perform/preview that, we know the result of the finish good, but how to calculate WIP such as the raw mat that we already put on machine / production, thans for your kind help. Regard Bambang Widjanarko

Hi, Navision store this information in the Prod. Order Ledger Entries. You can preview it from Released Production Orders. (Prod. Order → Ledger Entries). Entries with type Consamtion are Materials Issued and entries with type Input/Output are work done. You can select Item → Components from released production order to view remaining quantities. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi, You can use the Prod. Order WIP report in the standard reports of Navision 2.60 or you can also use the Item componenta screen As Valentin has suggested. thanks, Best regards, Prashanth pbg@navilogic.com