Windows XP Zup File location

Hi all. I have a client that has a bad Zup file that needs deleting. I know that in 2.60 and above it’s supposed to be in the Documents and Settings\Application Data folder. I have changed the folder options to show everything including operating systems files and hidden files. If i do a search on the entire drive of *.zup, it returns no results on a Windows XP Pro computer. Does anyone have any ideas where the file is located??? Bill

Disable “Hide extension of known files types”, and you will see it…

I have just ran the search with the following settings: Show hidden files and folders = Yes Hide extensions for know file types = No Hide protected operating system files = Yes No files named *.zup were found.

The ZUP file is located in the C:\Documents and Settings%USERNAME%\Application Data folder. If it is not there, look at the shortcut your client uses to run Navision and check if the ID property is specified. Also, when you are searching, there are a few Advanced Options. Tick these ones to be certain that Windows is looking everywhere: - Search system folders - Search hidden files and folders - Search subfolders

you probably browsed to: C:\Documents and Settings<user>\Application Data are there any changes to standard directories on XP ?

I belive they are now on the server - But I might be wrong. How bad is the .zup file. You can try to re-compile the objects that are messed up for the user. That will re-set the .zup file for him (and all his colleagues).

If you are running Citrix in a farm the zup-file seems to get messed up all the time, by the way :frowning: