Windows xP Client and NetBIOS Connection

Our server is running NT 4.0; the service packs are pretty up to date. We are using Navision Financials v.1.20B and connecting via NetBIOS. Our workstations are a mixture of Windows 95/98/Me. We just got a new one which is running xP Home, and I have so far been unable to set up the network connections so that the Navision client can connect to the server. We had the same problem when we got the Me machine and finally got it working; of course all the protocols and adapters and so forth on the xP machine are different. I’ve tried disabling and restarting over and over with different protocols and no success. The client is connecting to the network; all the files and folders on the server are visible and the client was installed from the server, but File/Connect to Server always results in an error message about a NetBIOS problem. Any ideas? (P.S. I’m not typing in the name of the server wrong.)

WARNING!! XP Home does NOT have good support for networking. It cannot even connect to a Domain. We’ve got a client that was trying to setup XP Home for a client workstation and we could not get it to connect to a v2.01 Navision server running TCP/IP. It seems to recognize other client computers, but will not acknowledge the Navision server. I am currently on XP Pro with absolutely NO problems. I just performed a standard installation without difficulty. I know the XP Home senario hasn’t been fully explored to my satisfaction yet, but I would HIGHLY recommend upgrading to the XP Pro!!! Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

The only differences between XP Home and XP professional is about £200 and the networking support and a few other addons not being there. Microsoft want people to stop using its home O/S’s in the office (I don’t know why but I think the £200 has something to do with it). You can not connect to a domain with XP home as who has a domain server running at home?? BUT also note that microsoft no longer uses NetBIOS and it is not included in either version windows XP so you must use tcp if you wish to use XP. Paul Baxter

Wanted to update those who were kind enough to reply to my post. The problem has been solved (actually a while back). I learned from the Microsoft Knowledge Base that while XP does not support NetBEUI, the necessary files are included on the full retail version in a folder called valueadd. I called Compaq since my version of XP was included on their machine; the support guy put me on hold to do some checking, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to search my c: drive for the files and lo and behold the valueadd folder was there. This was also a big surprise to the guy at Compaq. I installed the NetBEUI protocol, disabled the TCP/IP and have had no problems connecting to Navision since then. I have to agree w/Paul Baxter about the difference between Home and Professional. I think the same applies to companies like Compaq which want us to buy their “business” models instead of heading down to Best Buy where we can get a lot more bang for our buck buying the stuff they market to home users. Of course, the tradeoff is sometimes issues like this. But in this case, at least, things worked out just fine!

Thanks for that about NetBEUI the official line was that it was not supported by windows XP. But as with all these things they can not stop using it completely as there is an installed user base that depend on it. So what do they do they make it as difficult to install as possible, so no new installations use it. Note to Every body remember this about NetBEUI because it will come up again and you may need to use it on a clients system. Also in the value folder is a citrix client which may be useful. The remote desktop connection is a terminal services client, so you have all the tools for remote access. Paul Baxter

Also remember that all below 1.30 of Financials was designed for Windows 95 as a client and Windows NT as server. So DONT expect to much regarding Windows XP or XP Home. You should At least update it (you need only to runtime update) to 2.60 Palle Arentoft, Product Manager Aston Naviteam A/S Denmark Email :