Windows XP and Attain (System Crash)

Hi all, The majority of our system is Windows 2000 clients logging on to a NT4 Server. We do not have problems with this setup. We do have problems with the small, but growing, area of users that have Windows XP Clients connecting to Attain (3.01B) through our NT4 fileserver. When they create and then release a sales order the entire Attain system Locks up. We have to reboot the server everytime. The process is they press F3 to create and order, fill it in, press a release button customised by our Vendor for us, and then it should print out on to a Epson FX-980 printer through our NT4 File Server (BDC). I have tried to find a patten and the only one is that the errors occur only on a XP/Attain connection. If the User releases the order on a 2000/Attain connection it processes correctly. The document does not print and the system crashes with the std windows printer dialog box on the screen. If you do ctrl/alt/del it tells you that Navision Attain is not responding. We have downloaded all the patches and updates we can find for NT4 and Windows XP, we have changed the printer drivers to be more upto date. I have searched the Knowledge base for any ideas. Has anyone had a similar problem and have any solutions please tell me. I hope someone has an idea out there. [:)]

What happens if you open the database locally on a XP system (through a driveletter) and a local epson printer?

Check what name is the printer having on the printer selections setup and what name is having on the XP system. Usually the names asigned to the printers are different on different operating systems, as example, Xp gives to the same printer a different name than windows 98 does.

Hi, Unfortunatley we do not have any Spare FX-980’s to set as a local printer so we can’t test that. All our printers are setup and drivers installed on the Fileserver. We just create a link between the client and the fileserver to allow printing from there. This way has been working fine upto we started using Attain with Windows XP. The problem only occur in Attain. If we print any other documents outside Attain from a XP client it prints fine. Also we do not get this system crash when we use any HP Laserjet or other printer while printing from Attain. Only when we release an order to the Epson FX-980 off a Windows XP Client. I checked Printer Selections within Attain and The Printer in question has been given different designations each time it has been used by reports to print to that printer. e.g whs_deliv. NE03, whs_deliv. NE06. On the Clients it is just viewed as whs_deliv, that is both on 2000 and XP.But it has been like that since day one. The versions of the Attain Client and the Attain Server are the same. The printers setup are also identical on both XP and 2000. Thx

Yes, but it seems your problem is the printer driver and you must eliminate this by using a local driver. If you can’t then …