Windows user profile problem. Easily fixed?

Hi, Running Navision 3.7 on a Windows 2000 Server. Client machines are running XP Pro. There is an intermittent problem which happened yesterday to three users based in the office out of a total office based staff of 12. When they logged in yesterday morning the application stopped responding before the login window appeared - we are running client applications on the workstations.

If I login to the PC I can login to Navision fine. The user can also log in to Navision from another workstation. So it would appear to be a Windows profile problem. Previously I have deleted and recreated the user profiles which has sorted the problem out, but is there a quicker way? Is there a setting in the users profile which has got corrupted and can be easily fixed?


The problem has been solved - 1 minutes after my post! Not sure what happened and why what I did resolved it but this is what I did (for anyone that is in the same position).

I logged in to each PC as administrator, ran the application and logged in (as myself) and then logged out. When the user then logged in the problemhad been resolved! How? I don’t know …