Windows Terminal Server

hi need some help regarding remote access connectivity. suppose we need to conn. to a navision DB server from a remote site which does not hv leased line conn. but a telephone line exists…can a dialup be established? can it be done using windows terminal server? if yes how do we set it up? thanx and regards [:)]

hi I am also loking for the same solution and know of a few people who r using the same. Will get back to you as soon as i hear from them. In the mean time if u get it pls post it here so that i can also be benefited of it. Regards

Dial-up is too slow flow direct connection to navision - yes you should use terminal server (works fine with dial-up ~40-50K). How you set it up - :slight_smile: buy a server (or use old db server), buy w2k or better server licence and user terminal licences, install navision native, activate terminal server functionality, install client access licences. Set up preferrably windows logins. Any help?

We are using VPN over internet and Terminal Server (W2K) to access Navision and other applications. If I can help you just let me know. Jesús Soage

hi thanx for all u’r responses. if i get some more info regarding the same i’ll definitely let u know ajay. thanx and regards Mini