Windows-Station ( client ) goes slowly down

We have a problem on Windows 98 SE - Workstations (PC’s, 64 MB RAM), which are previewing and printing a lot of output. We are running Nav Financials 2.0 on a WIN NT4 Server, with all patches. There is also running an automated tape backup system, but not by day , nothing else. On this PC’s after some times the Navision-icons in the menubar, but not only there disapear more and more and then the system stops. Because this doesn’t come suddenly, I have seen, that the available memory of the PC goes down to less than 2%. So I think Navision gives the memory not free. Can anyone give me help or a solution ? Rolf Heinsohn

Yes, there are fin.exe resources release bug. Then you run more than one instece of fin.exe (not sure then running one instence), allocated memory isn’t released correctly. I have noticed that it happens on report preview. It happens not everytime, but often. I could say add RAM, but I have 128 on my PC, but have same errors too. I hope it is corrected in later versions or will be corrected. So, run recource meter, record all and write letters to ten times per day.

Maybe a better solution would be to upgrade to the latest executable… //Lars

The newest executable is the best solution. At some point the objects need to be upgraded to suit the new security tables if you are going to move to 2.6x+. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Thanks for all replys. But now one question to your recommendations to take a newer fin.exe. Is it possible to leave all objects unchanged in vers. 2.00 and to take only a newer fin.exe on the clients? If yes, up to which version is it possible ? Rolf Heinsohn

No way. This “bug” lives in NF 2.60E and NA 3.0, I have tesed couple minutes ago. So, problem is that fin.exe DON’T track recources. Then you open a lot of forms, previews in fin.exe, all this stuff is placed in RAM. Fin.exe don’t check remaining mem or recources allocation rezult. Another programs simply popup message “can’t run free more recources”, in fin.exe disapearing pictures on bittons, demaging system fonts, corrupting another API… So, all that can you do is become reconciled with your pain.