Windows Login with Domains

Hello, we have the following problem: Our Server is in Hamburg in the Domain “Sonne”. Users in Hamburg are working also in the Domain “Sonne” and we can create them in the WindowsLogin Table. If we want to create a login MOON\abc then an error occurs with unknown user. If we are logged in on a terminalserver which is in the domain MOON we can create the login MOON\abc, but the other login created in the domain Sonne are only shown as SID. When the User logged in on the terminal server (Userid = MOON\abc) wants to open the database with windows login an “error 1326 1326 Anmeldung Fehlgeschlagen: unbekannter Benutzername oder falsches Kennwort” occurs. How can we fix this? Thanks and greetings Sven

We have the same organization. Domain A where the database server is, domain B for terminal server. The two way we have used are: Method 1: create the same user with the same password on the two domain. Method 2: Create user only on domain A and create an approbation between the two domain so user can log on TS as if they were on domain A. in the two case, you have to register only domain a/user in windows login. hope it works for you.

Thanks, but it doesnt work for us, because we don’t want to create appobations between our domains. Isn’t there another way to fix the problem?

If you don’t want to create approbation, try method 1. No approbation, but you have to create user account an domain where the server is. No special need for this account it is just to link the two account.