Windows installer starts when user starts 3.60

I just recently installed 3.60 on my clients and server and each time my clients login the windows installer kicks off and needs the CD to be in the drive before it will start the client. Anyone know why this is happening and how to stop this behaviour?

I remember having that trouble once… but after reinstalling the client it worked fine (just be sure you’re installing all the components needed). Regards

Probably You have installed as a different user than the one You are now using. You can probably also solve this by setting up Your own shortcut to fin.exe /Lars

We had a similar problem - also when using our own shortcuts. With a new shortcut Navision would start, but when opening the online-help → the installer would start again. In the end i installed Navision as the user who will mainly use the pc (with admin-rights which i removed after the installation). That luckily does it for us - as our Navision-users don’t roam. All that sh** about creating shortcuts is really a poor feature for a software that is so keen on getting every Microsoft Logo i can imagine.

Hi We have a similar problem (feature [;)]) in 3.01. I wrote two lines in CU 81 + 82 which send a mail after posting sales invoices (CU 397). As long as the addressee was an intern mail -address (Exchange) all worked fine. But now we have change the email to internet mail xxx@xxx.xx. What happens with my code? The Windows Installer tries to install something in Navision. After 4-5 minutes he stops and all is Ok. Strange! bye André

Thanks for all the advice and yes it turns out if you create your own shortcut it doesn’t prompt during the start-up but when you activate the help systems the first time. If you use a combination of installing from a network location and create a shortcut then the user sees less interference if they do use the help after the fact. No CD prompts. [8D]