Windows installer runs on opening a company

We have a curious situation on a site where we have Attain 3.10A running on SQL 2000 - as each user logs on and selects a company the windows installer program appears. Once you are in a Navision company and select another, it does the same thing. At first this required the CD but we since loaded the Client directory onto the harddisk and now it installs from here. But why does it always require this installation ? It does this on all client PCs and for all users. We have checked permissions, updating all files on the client; tried copying contents of CD onto harddrive and installing client software from there; refreshed zup files;installed a new database - nothing fixes this ! Any ideas ?

A weird guess? Have you installed the extended stored procedure xp_ndo_enumusersids from xp_ndo.dll? Can’t it be that the SQL server is looking for it from the installation CD? Regards Kalman

Yes the ESP had been installed but I shall recheck this/reinstall it just to make sure.

I guess that You are running on Citrix or Terminal Server and has entered a path for Company notes? To install on TS or MF You can’t use standard MS Installer. You need to install manually. There is a document discribing this procedure from Your NTR if You don’t have it allready. //Lars