Windows installer runs every time I start Axapta

Every time I start Axapta on my workstation, the Windows Installer is run. The setup for the Navision Axapta Client is started. After a few seconds, the setup terminates whith this message: “Error 1706: No valid source could be found for product Navision Axapta Client. The Windows Installer cannot continue”. This happens every time. Has anybody got an idea what is hapening here? I use W2K SP3.

I had the same problem here with Navision. It turned out that the desktop shortcut (or menu entry or whatever) that was used to start Navision pointed to the installation directory instead of to the fin.exe file. This shortcut had been created automatically during installation. After redirecting the shortcut to fin.exe the problem was gone.

What exactly do you mean? I have no fin.exe on my machine. Please give full pathnames.

I said I had the same problem with Navision, whose executable happens to be called “fin.exe”. You will of course have to substitute the name of your Axapta executable (which I do not know) for this filename. You will have to open the properties of your menu or desktop shortcut and define its target to point to the full pathname of the Axapta executable on your machine. You will have to let it point to your executable, so if I told you that mine points to c:\programme\navision\fin.exe, this information would mean close to nothing to you [;)] If the shortcut you use for starting Axapta already points to the executable, then there is some other reason for your installer coming up.

That part came through alright. The Axapta executable is Ax32.exe. All shortcuts are pointing to that file, and there is only one version of it on my machine. As you already said, there probably is another reason for the installer behaving this way. Thanks for the input though!!

Just a guess here Wilbert, but I recall having something similar because of the profiles on the local machine. Was the client installed under a different user profile and is possible not available for all users?

That’s right, Adam. The client was installed as administrator and is being used as a normal domain user, with restricted rights. This shouldn’t be a problem normally, but there seems to be something fishy about the Axapta client. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Worst case is uninstalling the client and repeat the installation with the actual user, while granting this user extended rights.

Hi, I have faced the problem that you have mentioned here. Generally Windows Installer will give a shout if some file is missing. Before starting Axapta, insert Axapta CD and then open Axapta client. Hope this helps. Regards, Harish

hi best way is what Harish said 1] Insert Axapta Cd 2] start Client installation 3] if the client already exits it will ask for removal, remove it 4] then again install client this will slove ur problem if more issue pls tell me i am here to help and also to get help… thanks & regards vaibhav pednekar

I switched PC’s this week and installed my Axapta client again. I installed the client in the same manner as I did the last time (login as administrator, install the client, use it as a normal domain user). This time the problems with the windows installer did not occur. I must say that I have only seen it once, on my former system. I’ve installed about 20 clients in the mean time and none have had any problems with the windows installer. So, there seems to be no real cause for my earlier troubles.

Hey Wilbert, The problem lies in the CRM part of Axapta. It tries to install a file (I think it’s an OCX). If you don’t need CRM, just disable the configuration key and the problem is fixed. Kind regards, Patrick