Windows Installer Error with VB Applications

Installation of Navision 3.6 on windows XP( service pack 1 build 2600) creates problems. Installation proceeds without any problem and the application runs fine for the first time. However starting the application the next time triggers the installer and ends abruptly throwing error 1706. Some times the system hangs and requires restarting of the machine. We have already un-installed and restarted the machine and installed Navision again, but the problem continued. One important observation is that most of the systems used by Finance department have custom built VB applications . The Navision installer is triggered even when the client starts the custom built VB applications. The problem couldn’t not be isolated to any one single VB application and has been observed clashing with multiple VB based applications. However if Navision is installed on a machine which does not have these applications installed then we do not get any error. Has anybody faced this type of a situation and found any solution?

Try using the install script for WTS/Citrix on one of Your PC’s. then You “go around” the MS Installer. The installation script is avaliable from Your NTR. /Lars

There is another solution available according to the Microsoft’s Knowledge Base article 258847. It describes how to enable normal users to finish the MSI based installation.