Windows Authentication

Hi, We have a client trying to open the a database using Windows Authentication. “Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision has not been set up to allow you to use Windows login. Contact your system manager”. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance

Hi Robin Have you set up the Windows logins within Navision?

Hello, I have the same problem. I’ve set the Windows Authentication user with it’s roles and kept the other Database Authentication user - just in case. Same error message… Does anyone have any ideas?

Had the same problem. In my case, I think the problem occured because I forgot to write the domain name before my user-ID in the Windows Login screen. It should be as follows: MyDomainName\MyUserName Could that be your problem too?

Robin, Is the user created as a Windows login or a database login?

Jonathan, Robin, In my case, the user is defined as a Windows login user.

Hi Guys, I believe in the end it had something to do with the fact that if you have more than one service on a machine it does a round-robin so it doesn’t necessarily find the database you want first. You have to keep logging on until it finds the database you want. There is another topic on here if you search for it which features a named pipe problem that is going to be fixed in v4.

I finally succeeded seting the windows user up. The thing is that when you create a Windows login user, first you have to type your computer name than it adds a backslash automatically then you type your Windows user name. I could only do it with a new Win user, because my computer name and my win. login name was the same and it didn’t accept it that way. Don’t know why? So it’s better to have different names for that…

Better is using names from domain (active directory) not workstation users…

That’s right. If you do a lookup it populates the domain for you otherwise you have to type it in yourself.

My User Name is Nelson, my Computer Name is also Nelson and I never experienced any problems connecting to Local Databases. Of course, for Server Databases, you should connect using credentials valid for the network/domain. You may find the Network Passwords feature in Windows XP Professional very useful (Control Panel, User Accounts, select your User, Manage my Network Passwords).