windows authentication

We heve made a backup a navision financials database and restored it in mssql7 ent ed. The users are logging in with their windows authenication. So fa so good. When i had to create a development enviroment for a developper a took another server and made backup in sql from the database and restored it on the development servers. The database authentication works fine but the windows authentication won’t work. The two servers are a member server on the same wondows domain. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance

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When you backup SQL Server user databases, you do not include SQL Server login information stored in the syslogins table (etc) of the master database of the server you are backing up from. You must re-create those logins on the other servers that you are restoring the database into. These logins are held in the Windows Login table of Financials, so the entries there must match the logins in the new SQL Server environment, as they did in the source server. Financials will try to create missing logins (windows logins only, not sql logins) when you run Tools/Security/Synchronize. SQL logins must be created manually (e.g. in SQL EM), as you did with the source server.

I deleted the logins on the sql-server enviroment, the sql-logins in navision as well as the database logins in navision. I recreated the logins. Unfortunatly i still cannot login. I get the message “name or id and password do not match” or a simular message. Because use the dutch version i do not have the exact text in English. In addition: I made the backup in sql EM and not in Navision Financials. Does anyone have an idea? Kind regards Willem Kraaijenhof

HI, Have you installed navision extended store procedures on new development server?? if not you have to install it. Aloi

Thanks. That solved the problem.