Windows Authentication through Nav


first post so i’m sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I’m chasing a guide or manual for authenticating users through active directory, currently we use a sql server and authenticate through that.

Our problem is that we have to setup each user as a blank login in Nav ie domain name\username and attach roles to each user individually but we wanted for nav to pull the data off active directory and only need a group such as finance which would carry all the roles needed for finance and then assign the user to that group through ad.

I know it is very confusing but would appreciate any assistance as I’m very new to Nav.




You don’t state which version of NAV you are using.

NAV 2009 Classic or Role Tailored Client?


Sorry sue, I’m a little green to this environment. Its v4.0 sp3



Sorry sue, I’m a little green to this environment. Its v4.0 sp3

also it is a custom tailored solution so herein lies some of the problem.

Jon - it is CLASSIC then.

As the permissions relate to NAV specific functions, these functions cannot be set from AD, but need to be assigned within NAV.

The easiest way is to set up NAV Roles that relate to functions e.g. Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and associate these roles with each user i.e. users that perform the same functions should be members of the same roles (permissions). Does this make sense?


Thanks sue,

I get what you are saying and it looks like the way i’ll have to do it but, would it be possible under tools < security < window logins to have say a userid - sales with the associated roles and create a profile in ad that is sales and make sales people a member of that profile?

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.


It is quite possible to assign WIndows groups as users in NAV and then assign NAV Roles to those groups. In some versions (don’t recall) you need to enter both the group and member users in NAV. But only assign roles to the group.

ok thanks everyone for the assistance i’ll be attempting it over the next week and fingers crossed everything works.