Windows Authentication Log In Problem

We have discovered an intermittent login problem that only appears when using Windows Authentication. The server runs many different version Navision and Attain Services. The problem appears on a 3.70 database and also where a 3.70 client is accessing a 2.50 database (objects) converted to 3.70. Financials is launched with command line parameters as follows:- id=c:\localzup, ntauthentication=yes,, company=Test Company Financials always launches perfectly the first time that the zupfile is used. That is if localzup is deleted before Financials is run. The next time that Financials is launched the error “server and client do not have the same version number” appears. If Press Ok then F12 the client starts. The next time this procedure must be performed twice. The third time Financials starts without a problem. Fourth time same as second time, Fith time same as third time and so on, completely predictable! I have seen this problem posted before, but I have never seen a solution. Can anyone help please. TIA

Hi I’ve found the cause of the difficulty, I’ll post it here for information. “Problem is that the Windows Login opens a Named Pipe connection to the server and in the present design the named pipe name isn’t unique for the different Navision Server versions.” “Unfortunately, there is no workarounds except of course to make sure that all databases are on the same version.” This is courtesy of Lars Lohndorf-Larsen of the Microsoft Support Team, my thanks to him.

This problem also occurs on C/SIDE servers running different versions on same machine