Windows Authentication for Local Databases in 4.0

I am not able to use Windows Authentication when opening a local database in Navision 4.0. It worked as I expected it to in all other previous versions. Is this a feature which has been removed or is it some kind of bug? It does look like a bug because I do not get a friendly error message when I try it, just a standard Windows Error Reporting message about Navision crashing. Does anyone know something about it? Thanks.

Are you running the Update 1 version of 4.0. The RTM had many such crashes that were connection related.

I am using Build 20942. This is the Update 1 version, isn’t it?

Additionally, the following files are from build 20942 (I’m not sure if this can help you help me [:)]): fin.exe dbm.dll slave.exe

Yes that is Update 1. I don’t know what could be causing the problem then - seems a very simple scenario, and in general there is no problem opening a local db this way. I’ll try to check what is in the Error Reporting server if it is up. Can you post the info that is available in the dialog box regarding module and offset etc.

I just reproduced the error and send it through Error Reporting. The info is the following: AppName: fin.exe AppVer: AppStamp:41dc3fd4 ModName: dbm.dll ModVer: ModStamp:41dc55c8 fDebug: 0 Offset: 0001bcb5 Thanks a lot for anything you can find out about this.

I found the crash data but the call stack gives no clues - it seems to be corrupt, not at all like a typical call stack for a crash. Is it Windows Authentication that causes it - is it ok with database authentication? Does it always happen? It seems you have tried it on more that one machine, which rules out OS quirks - is that right?

Hi Robert, Yes, it is always OK with Database Authentication and it always crashes with Windows Authentication. I had previously tried on another machine - with similar OS configuration, admittedly - and found the same problem. However, I have now tried on a completely different computer and the same is not happening. This should point to an OS problem and I feel a little ashamed for not debugging it a little better. However, all versions of Navision still work fine this way on my laptop, only 4.0 exhibits this faulty behaviour. That leaves me completely stumped. Have you any idea if there is some OS configuration that Navision now depends on but which wasn’t used on previous versions?

There are no special dependencies on the OS for 4.0. Perhaps it is related to an account in the Windows Login table of the database you’re opening. Is there a pattern there where it is crashing if you have windows accounts present but succeeding with no accounts (i.e. no security)? There must be some difference between where it succeeds and fails and I am now doubting the OS is part of it.

I have now tried the following: 1) Use a 3.70 client to login (through Windows Authentication) to a 3.70 database (SUPER user); 2) If I convert the database with 4.0, I will still be able to login using Database Server Authentication but not anymore using Windows Authentication. It will always crash.

Sorry then I have no immediate idea - its such a simple scenario I would have expected it to have been reported and resolved by now. I will look into it further but I dont expect to have any colclusions soon. I’ll post anything I find on the forum.

Just wondering Have you tried to open the security related virtual tables in your4.0 client (Windows SID for eample). MAybe there is some (policy) problem what does not allow the application to read local / domain SID-s? Also if you open the Windos Login screen from Tools menu - do you have names there or just SID-s?

Thanks for your help, Robert. Maybe not that many people are using Windows Authentication to a local database? I use it because at least I don’t have to type a password each time I log in. Urmas, My Windows Login table and Windows Access Control tables look the same between a 3.70 database (where it works) and a 4.0 database (where it doesn’t work). I am using a local Windows User and Navision can retrieve the DOMAIN\User to display it in Tools, Security (in both versions). The only difference is when I try to login to the database. 3.70 will allow me to login (as did previous versions) but 4.0 will crash. Thanks for your interest. I will be grateful for any ideas but I am now willing to accept the fact that my 4.0 installation is somehow corrupt because I have seen it work in another machine - could that be a feasible explanation?!?.. I will try to reinstall and will post back.

Meanwhile, I have uninstalled all the versions I had on my laptop. I installed only Navision 4.0 and it still does the same. Unless someone has a better idea, I will blame it on the OS and think about reformatting the system over a weekend. [xx(]

I always use windows logins locally (saem reason as you), and have no problems.

I gave up, it’s bound to be a Windows issue. I’m also starting to notice some other random slowdowns and strange things in the system. If I reinstall the OS and it’s still happening it will become rather suspicious.

Hey Nelson, dont worry, help is on the way Vista will be bullet prrof and wont have these silly errors.

And I suppose this comment is the starting point on your new comedian career… [:D]


Hello again, Well, I just installed 4.0 SP1 and Windows Authentication is working properly for Local Databases, as it always did before 4.0. So, it either was really Navision itself or - what I think is more probable - a combination of Navision 4.0 and a (veeery) specific set of Windows configurations. Thanks for all your help, specially Robert of course. It seems I won’t be getting RSI from typing in passwords after all… [:D]