Windows authenticated

I get an errormessage when I try to log on Navision database using “Windows authenticated”, but if i use “database authenticated” everything is OK. This is the errormessage: “Navision was not configured to enable you to use a login Windows” This is a 2.60A NF version on a NT4.0 Server. The database was upgrade from 2.00D to 2.60 and unified logon was used with 2.00D.

Hi, you need setup Windous Logins. Go to menu Tools->Security->Windows Logins. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi! If you want to use Windows Logins in Navision Financials 2.60, your server has to be Win 2000. You can only use Windows Logins on Win NT 4.0, if your database is running on an SQL-Server. Brgds Roland

Thank you to everyone, It is the first time that I put a question and I am being very impressed by the quality and the speed of the answers. I hope to be able soon to add my contribution.