Windows 98 Client Causing Trouble

I’m having an odd problem: Essentially I believe a client PC running Win98 is somehow causing the Navision service to stop on the server (NT4) - no erros, no blue smoke billowing from the machine - nothing. The problem did not occur with the Win98 client off the network, but unfortunatly other factors mean that I need to have Win98 running. Both server and client machines have been changed, so it cannot be hardware. Anyone have any thoughts?! Adrian

Adrian this definitely sounds like a hardware issue. You state that both machines have been changed. How have they been changed? Since you state that this happens only when the W98 machine is on then this typically points to a bad network card in that machine. Try leaving the W98 machine off for a while and see if you have problems. If you don’t then you know it’s the W98 machine. However, if you still have problems then it could be a bad port on the hub/switch or a bad network card in the server. If there is a certain amount of time that elapses when the W98 machine is on before you have the problem then what I’d do is leave the machine off for a while just to confirm that the problem