Windows 7 RTM download?

According to this, then Windows 7 RTM has been released yesterday.

Does anyone know where to download it? I have a MSDN subscription.

Hi Erik,

According to Windows blog, officially they have not released Windows 7 RTM yet -

I am sure you are aware of this already. Windows 7 RC was made available quite a while ago -


Hi Harish,

Thank you. No I had actually gotten the impression that the “announcement” made on Microsoft World Partner Conference about Windows 7 was “the Windows 7 RTM announcement”. But you’re right. That blog post say it. It should be announced in the 2nd half of July (hay 2nd. half starts tomorrow).

Yes I know about the RC, and although I know many who are very happy with the RC, but I’m not 20 anymore - back then I installed all the beta’s I could get my hands on. Now I’m much more care about if my PC is stable or not.

Well now the final dates are released:

If you didn’t notice it, then Windows 7 RTM was released and made available for download last Thursday August 7th.

I downloaded my copy (3 GB) and installed it Friday. If you have a Microsoft MSDN or Technet subscription then you can download now. Otherwise you have to wait. If you want a Technet subscription then I actually have found a blog post where you can get 25% discount using its promocode to by Technet

As to running Windows 7, then I have still to experience why people say this is better than Windows Vista. I think I’ve been one of the few people who actually liked Windows Vista. And so far I don’t really see it should be better. But at least it’s not worse than Vista and it only took me half a day to upgrade.

Win7 is not so hardware-hungry as Vista (CPU & especially RAM). Don’t know is Win7 really better, but it definitely is “less worse” [:P]

Continuing to experiment - including Navision. Wanted to do this a month ago, but summer made its corrections to my plans [H]